What are the benefits of an Aqua Water Softener?

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In Denpasar Bali the ground water is very high in calcium and most villas have a bore. On average the calcium levels are in the range of 250 to 350 PPM.

Protect your appliances from hard water. An Aqua water softener will reduce calcium scale build-up in your Hot Water units and appliances such as washing machines and coffee machines. The Aqua Water Softener also increases the life of taps and shower fittings and reduces scale build-up.

Clothes washed in hard water will lose their colour and soft feeling however by using the Aqua Water Softener clothes will maintain their quality of material and colour for much longer.

Bathing in hard water is not pleasant as the soap and shampoo are not optimal in hard water. By installing the Aqua Softener, the user will notice the difference immediately and hair will feel soft again after shampooing and conditioning.

Aqua Water Softeners work using a process called Ion Exchange and are fully programmable and designed with a new modern one-piece style. Aqua Water softeners are available for sale in Denpasar Bali via CV Aqua Filtrasi Bali.

Aqua Water Softeners can be installed in 2-3 hours and connect easily to existing booster pump systems commonly installed in most Villas in Bali.

CV Aqua Filtrasi Bali have installed water softeners in most parts of Bali including: Kerobokan, Canggu, Perenanan, Uluwatu, Pecatu, Jimbaran, Sanur, Denpasar, Bumbak, Berawa and Umalas.

If you are planning to build a new villa please take the opportunity to consult with one of our technicians on using a water softener and designing your pipework to accommodate a water softener in a convenient location of your Bali villa.

Also, with an existing villa or house in Bali the process of installing the Aqua water softener is quite easy because the water softener is designed as a one-piece unit with the brine reservoir contained in one module.  If additional modifications to pipes and pumps are required out installation team are capable of performing these tasks. 

All water filtration equipment supplied by CV Aqua Filtrasi Bali in Bali comes with full service and backup by our team of experts.

In summary if you want to feels the freshness of a shower in softened water and protect your appliances and garments from the harsh effects of hard water its time to install a new water softener.

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