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Kashantee Village Seminyak Bali

Aqua Filtrasi Bali greatly facilitates our operational hotels that require a supply of clean drinking
water for guests and staff. During the use of the Aqua filter and water softeners, we never
receive complaints from guests or staff. The water is odorless and very fresh. Starting from very
fast and professional installation and service, we are very satisfied with Aqua Filtrasi Bali.

Aldino Tayeb

Kashantee Village
water filters

Daniel Cassise

Aqua filters; I would rate them at 5 stars! I am builder in Bali for over 20yrs and have been using Aqua
Filters for the past 10yrs. I presently build very high end multi-million dollar Villas; PT. Uluwatu Building
Co. (UBI). I recommend Aqua Filters to all of our clients and install them as part of our standard package
when building. I have lost count on how many we have installed but every unit is still in use and still
providing safe drinking water thru-out all of the Villas that have the Aqua Filter system.
One of the main reasons why I continue to use Aqua Filters is because it is a simple system using a 3
stage filter cartridge plus UV steriliser that’s proven to work for years. Also, warranty issues are quick
and easy to resolve because of the swift action of their technicians.
I also would highly recommend their maintenance program to change out cartridges when needed. I
have a full crew of engineers that could easily maintain them but Aqua-filter has a support team that will
come out and routinely maintain the filters for slightly over the price of the cartridges. They also have a
system where they will let me know when the cartridges need to be changed.
I would highly recommend Aqua-filters if you are looking for a safe cost-efficient way to provide good
quality drinking water thru every tap in your Home.

Daniel Cassise

PT Uluwatu Building Co.
water filters

Ben Sors

After living in a few different houses in Bali, and experiencing quite a bit of trouble with water supply (non drinking, bad egg smelling, muddy water among others), when the time finally came to build my own house, it was a no brainer to install a water filtration system and water softener.

6 months in, i am super satisfied with the services of Aqua Filtrasi Bali. The water is clean, soft, good for the skin and also for the laundry, and Pak Agus is always very helpful and on top of all maintenance things.

Highly recommended!

Ben Sors

Pererenan Bali
water filters

Mss Chantal Franssen

Water Softener and Aqua Filter with UV Steriliser

We are very satisfied with the materials and follow up of the company. Also during Corona time they keep on doing their job as before. I surely would recommend them to everybody.

Mss Chantal Franssen

North Kuta Bali
water filters

Scott Kowaleski

Aqua Filters, Water Softeners and Carbon Filters

We used CV Aqua Filtrasi Bali on 4 projects over the last 3 years, two commercial (Desa Hay and Munduks Cabins) and two residential villas.

Aqua Filtrasi is one of the most professional companies we have dealt with in Bali.

Their design, implementation and service is completed on time and with amazing quality.

We have never had an issue with any of their work.

Scott Kowaleski

Desa Hay Owner - Tumbak Bayuh

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