The Aqua Filter Steriliser

Aqua Filter systems provide outstanding performance.

Only the highest quality Stainless Steel fittings are used. The UV chamber is constructed of SS304-grade stainless steel and is designed with an air-release screw to prevent airlocks.

Filter housings are precision manufactured through a high-tech process and designed to work safely up to (125PSI) as per NSF Standard 42.
The first of the 3 pre-filters is a 5-micron pleated filter that can be washed and reused. The second is a carbon block to remove toxins, offensive smells, chlorine, pesticides, fertiliser runoff and petrochemical exhaust fumes. The third and final is a very fine 1.0-micron polypropylene filter to fine-polish your water.
The PHILIPS Ultra Violet Steriliser is of the highest performance for bacteriologically safe drinking water. The UV light fits inside a watertight quartz tube.
The electronic ballast is of German design and engineering. This incorporates a preheat system that prevents unwanted outages and also protects the lamp from power surges and failures. The ballast contains 3 lights to show the status of the lamp and in case of lamp failure, incorporates an audible siren.

Your Aqua Filter system incorporates a heavy plastic backing board that is resistant to the elements and is protected by a high-quality aluminium cover. Fastenings are stainless steel. It can be fitted in an exterior location, however a sheltered location is preferable.

Model Details Aqua Filter
25mm inlet and outlet SS shut-off
5 micron washable pleated sediment pre-filter to remove heavy sediment
1 micron poly propylene filter to remove fine sediments
Activated carbon block filter to remove
chemicals, toxins and odours
Pressure Guages 3
Steriliser (with audio and visual alarms)
to sterilise the water and kill bacteria such as E.Coli
75W Ultra Violet Lamp
Encased in Aluminium Box
Supported flow rate 75 litres per minute at 70 PSI
Digital displays giving a countdown of days remaining for UV lamp replacement 1 Digital Display
Wiring for optional safety valve in the event of lamp failure Pre-wiring connection included on ballast – solenoid valve optional
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