Aqua Filter Whole House Water Filtration with UV Steriliser.

aqua filter steriliserSafeguard your family from waterborne diseases and contaminants.
Safe drinking water for the whole house from rainwater, bore water PDAM supply.

Customer service and backup are available in Bali.

Quality filtration for your home. When it comes to water filtration and softeners we give you the solution you need, and if you need a survey of your house call us.

Protect your health | Your Appliances | Your Plumbing
Never use any brand of water filter cartridges beyond 6 months without changing the cartridges. Bacteria will grow inside the cartridge and make your water unsafe.

Not only does using a whole-house water softener and Aqua filter remove chlorine and improve the taste of your water, it also removes other toxins and chemicals and potentially extends the lifespan of your appliances including water dispensers, coffee machines, dishwashers, and hot water systems.

aqua filter softener

Some water supplies, particularly those serviced by long-distance water pipelines, also contain chloramines. Chloramines are toxic to fish, reptiles, and amphibians and still have unidentified chemical constituents.

Aqua Filter systems remove harmful chemicals and bacteria

For people sensitive to chemicals, removing chlorine and other chemicals from your household water can have a life-changing effect on your health and well-being.

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