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Product Code Name Description Image
AF/MAX Aqua-Filter MAX Whole House 3 stage filter cartridge with UV system to create drinkable water. Suitable for 3-4 bedroom villas. Aqua-Filter MAX
UV/75 Philips UV lamp 75 watt Single Germicidal UV lamp 550 day life span Philips UV lamp 75 watt
F/CB Carbon Filter 10 inch Activated carbon Carbon Filter 10 inch
F/Poly PP 10 inch 1 micron poly prop string filter
F/Pap Pleated 10 inch 5 micron washable pleated paper filter
ADB/95 Aqua Digital Ballast Digital ballast for UV lamp with alarm Aqua Digital Ballast
QT/S Neoprene Seals Quartz tube seal (O ring) for 75W -1 set
AQT Aqua Quarts Tube Quartz tube to hold UV lamp inside chamber Aqua Quarts Tube
17H1144 Aqua Softener Auto Whole House water softener with resin suitable for removing calcium. Capacity for 3-4 bedroom house. Aqua Softener Auto Aqua Softener Auto
RO/400G Aqua RO System Under bench RO filter with 5 filter cartridges Aqua RO System Aqua RO System
RO/400G Filter Cartridges One set of 5 filter cartridges for RO/400G Filter Cartridges
RES-18 Aqua-Resin Ion Exchange Resin – Food Grade 25 litre bag Aqua-Resin
FRP10 Aqua-Tank Fibreglass pressure tank (Blue) 1054 Aqua-Tank
CPF/80 Aqua-Prefilter Pre-filter valve – 8㎥/h with 40µ SS mesh Aqua-Prefilter
Aqua_C-1054 Aqua-Carbon Filter 1054 FRP tank with auto Digital Head
Aqua-S-1054 Two piece Aqua-Softener 1054 FRP tank with auto BNT65 Head and salt bucket Two piece Aqua-Softener
Aqua-T-1665 FRP tank 1665 FRP tank with 4″ opening, Blue with base.
Aqua_BB FRP tank 350 litre brine bucket with auto float valve Brine Bucket
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