Water Softener CS18

Product Introduction

Product Design

  • Square and compact cabinet design to save space and to match wall corner and furniture.
  • Robust design to avoid distortion with salt and water filled.
  • Movable cover, practical design, convenient to add salt.


  • Three different models with 13/33/43L/M flow rate to meet different water usage demands.
  • Efficient valve and up flow regeneration to save water and salt.
  • NSF certified resin to provide high capacity on water softening.
  • Salt alarm, residual chlorine generator , overflow protection.


  • Ergonomic handle to easily move the machine.
  • Touch key design, easy to use


aqua water softener cs18

Model CS18H-1015 CS18H-1035 CS18H-1044
Rated Service Flow Rate 13L/M 33L/M 43L/M
Water Supply Municipal
Operating Pressure 0.21~0.86 Mpa
Water Temperature 4~43°C
Resin Quantity 10 L 25 L 32 L
Product Size(mm) 435x335x550 435x335x1060 435x335x1290

CS18 Water Softener Features

  • Large LCD Color Screen
  • High-end & Durable IMD Panel
  • Fully Automatic Control System
  • Up-Flow Regeneration
  • Salt Alarming is Optional
  • Residual Chlorine Generator is Optional
  • Overflow Protection
  • Multiple Sizes for Different Needs
water softener

CS18 Water Softener

CS18 Specifications

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