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Aqua-Filter MAXWater filtration bali. Can I drink the tap water in Bali? What are the common contaminants and issues? What is the best water filter and water softener to treat water in Bali? 


Where does tap water in Bali come from?

In Denpasar Bali tap water was extracted from the rivers flowing through the city but due to pollution they are now considering other sources. Despite the amount of fresh water available only about 29 percent of Indonesia’s 250 million people have access to clean tap water, while the rest of the country, including Bali, relies on ground water and other resources for which water quality is not guaranteed and requires water filtration.

How is the tap water in Indonesia treated?

Most of the cities in Indonesia treat drinking water by utilizing conventional water treatment plant (WTP) and generally operated by the PDAM (regional water utility company). In principle, the quality of the drinking water from this WTP should be monitored by public health officer as well as PDAM

Chlorine is used as disinfectant in the WTP by most PDAMs and can be removed with a carbon filtration system.

The drinking water supplied by water bores is not commonly consumed by the inhabitants. Households usually boil the water from the tap first before drinking it or install a water filter with UV steriliser and ion exchange water softener.  The main issue or risk to inhabitants is ground water contamination from old leach drains and high calcium levels that form scale on appliances and taps.

The reason tap water is so bad is that domestic sewage, industrial effluents, agricultural runoff, and mismanaged solid waste are polluting surface and groundwater. 

Can you drink the tap water in Bali?

Only after filtering and sterilising unless you are told otherwise. The main issue is pathogens due to poor water pipe infrastructure and the tropical heat. Pathogens include bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that will make you sick are common in areas with old leach drains.

Hard Water in Bali

By using a water filter and UV steriliser the water can be consumed safely. Also due to the high levels of calcium and magnesium in the water it is also recommended to use an ion exchange water softener to protect appliances including hot water systems and dishwashers.

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