The Aqua Pre Filter

The Aqua Pre Filter


  • Patented highly effective flush technology. Rotate the bottom part clockwise to discharge the large particles collected on the SS screen.
  • Siphon cleaning technology is achieved by linear matrix suckers that rotate the bottom part anti-clockwise to enhance the siphon effect and clean out particles trapped in the SS screen.
  • Patented semi- automatic self-cleaning technology with built in 360′ hydraulic driven spray system uses pressurised water to wash the filter screen.
  • Clean the filter with only one single step: just rotate the knob and the hydraulic power will drive the spring back to initiate a counter flush.

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aqua filteraqua filter








Protect the Whole Installation

  • Protect your domestic filtration system against substances like rust particles, grains of sand and other deposits.
  • High Quality brass head.
  • Filter housing is made from reinforced material capable of withstanding freezing temperatures at -30 Deg C.
  • Pressure tested to 50 bars and tested to 150,000 cycles at 12 bars.
  • Transparent filter housing keeps the filtering status visible.
  • 40 µm SS316L food grade stainless steel filter screen.
  • Reduce ongoing costs for filter replacement and maintenance.
  • Brass forged connections.

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